Butcher & Butcher: Fine Island Meat is Charlottetown’s gourmet butcher shop. Offering traditional cuts of ONLY Island Raised Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb and more.

Butcher & Butcher also has many specialty products such as Sausage, Deli Meats and Bacon.  Butcher & Butcher is also the proud home of Jercules: Fine Beef Jerky. Committed to selling the best of Island Raised meat, Butcher & Butcher is open 7 days a week and can be found at 25 St. Peters Road.


Our Team: 

Chris van Ouwerkerk – Owner, Butcher, Jerk Guy

Chris started working with meat at 14, cleaning up after meat cutters at a local grocery store in Stratford.  Chris left the big box meat business behind at 19 and began touring Canada as a musician before completing a history degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Upon finishing his B.A., Chris started working at a small local meat market where he began to learn the fundamentals of whole animal butchery. After a brief stint in law school, Chris traveled to Vancouver to learn and work as a butcher. After 6 months of learning under a fully trained British butcher, a chef,  and a Beef Jerky producer, Chris returned to the east coast determined to finish law school and put his new found skills to work. He started laying the framework for Jercules: Fine Beef Jerky and Butcher & Butcher in August, 2014 and hasn’t taken a break since. He is set to finish law school in the Spring of 2017.


Jenn  – Happiness, The Real Boss, Cheer

Jenn used to be a vegetarian. Now she is happy to be part of a conscientious and ethical butcher shop which spends time looking for humanely raised, happy and healthy animals. She is a Summerside girl and loves helping customers, learning about meat, and pretending like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. When she isn’t in the shop, Jenn works full-time as a Pharmacy Technician in the Emergency Room of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.